änergy Multi-Builder And Change Management


The ability  to adapt to uncertainties and capitalise on emerging opportunities by businesses in Singapore is closely tied to their survival rate. It is estimated that fewer than 25% of new businesses survive past their first 5 years.

Digital transformation, for instance, has become an unstoppable force, and businesses that fail to adapt to changing consumer behaviors risk obsolescence. The importance of adaptation is not only acknowledged in local perspectives but resonates globally, emphasizing the universal truth that businesses need to be agile and move fast to navigate fast-paced changes.

Furthermore, the concept of adaptability extends beyond mere survival; it positions businesses for growth and competitiveness. Those who embrace change are better equipped to seize emerging opportunities, foster innovation, and build resilience against unforeseen disruptions. As Singapore continues to be a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the ability to adapt becomes not just a survival strategy but a key driver of success for new businesses entering the dynamic market.

änergy Multi-Builder is modified from one of the classic tower building team building programmes that have been around for decades. We have modified it with the help of a Commanding Officer of a MINDEF group, who wanted to reinforce the values of thinking out of the box, clear communication, importance of documentation and having an inclusive culture in his team.

The activity starts off like the classic tower building programme, where teams are briefed on the requirements for building a tower to meet a specific challenge. The judging criteria for the finished projects are also revealed before they begin their challenge.

As the teams start out on their quest to build the best tower possible from the limited materials given, changes are then introduced where new team members join in, project requirements are altered and additional projects are given.

Observations are made on how the team members react to the individual changes, how they manage the resources and what procedures were used to ensure smooth operations.

The pace of the activity is set to be quick and the goals challenging but achievable. This activity can be conducted in any open space that is big enough for the groups to sit around in a large circle.

Over the past 2 decades, we have modified the learning outcomes of this activity on many occasions.  Here are some possible focus debrief points for this activity we have delivered in the past:

  1. Adopting a change mindset
  2. Clear communication
  3. Good documentation
  4. Positive communication
  5. Developing work relationships
  6. Importance of collaborative mindset
  7. Healthy competition

Overall, we rate änergy Multi-Builder a versatile and highly effective and engaging team activity that is suitable for most groups who enjoy hands-on activities that are engaging and fast-paced. If you like this activity, you will love another one of our flagship programme, änergy paramount conquest, which is specially designed for leadership teams.


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