Effective Team Building In & Out of Singapore

At, we’ve been specialising in corporate team building since our establishment in 2003. Our experience extends beyond Singapore, to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

We have also traveled to regions including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, different parts of China, and India.

Wondering why corporate team building activities are crucial for your workplace? Many studies, including those by Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and McKinsey & Company, have clearly linked team building to increase in office productivity. Additionally, it fosters team collaboration, enhances effective communication, and positively influences negotiation outcomes.

Our programs are specially crafted to suit both thinkers and doers. That’s why they are popular with both desk-bound executives and active colleagues who prefer high energy activities.

Amid the global pandemic, we’ve adapted by introducing remote team building options on Zoom and Teams. These online programs are thoughtfully designed to be interactive and engaging.

Explore a sample of our team building programs below, and we’re excited about customising programs tailored to your team’s specific requirements: 

Indoor Team Building Programmes

Our versatile indoor team building programs can be executed in any space. We bring all the necessary resources, ensuring a hassle-free experience when you choose our services. Ballrooms or function rooms with adequate space for group gatherings, are ideal for our activities.

Some of these programmes have a good balance of brains and activities so participants will exercise both their analytical skills, as well as their psychomotor skills.

Outdoor Team Building Programmes

In Singapore, for outdoor team building sessions, we usually book a location from National Parks Board. Another alternative is working with venue providers who have outdoor space within their premises.

The size required for our outdoor team building programmes depends on the actual activities. We will be able to advise after we have finalised the details for your team building session.

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