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Team Building

We proud to be one of the most experienced and versatile indoor team building vendors in Asia.

Our programs have been meticulously designed to enhance communication, foster collaboration, and cultivate team spirit.
Additionally, we excel in injecting fun into meetings.


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Team Building

We have run hundreds of outdoor team building programmes in various parts of Asia Pacific and China.

We work closely with you or your event planners to ensure your team has the best team building experience.


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Learning objectives for leadership teams range from alignment of goals, strategic planning, exploring personality profiles to just spicing up important meetings to make sure they bond and have fun.


Team Building

Sales kick-off

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We have run large scale team building sessions for many sales teams, both locally and overseas. These sessions need to be high energy, action packed and fast paced, we know the drill.


Team Building

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Customer success team building sessions are designed to bring out the importance of creative problem solving, communication, empathy and making quick decisions, or your customised learning outcomes.

Customer success

Effective Team Building In & Out of Singapore

At, we’ve been specialised in corporate team building since our establishment in 2003. Our experience extends beyond Singapore, to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

We have also traveled to regions including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, different parts of China, and India.

Indoor Team Building

Our versatile indoor team building programs can be executed in any space. We bring all the necessary resources, ensuring a hassle-free experience when you choose our services. Ballrooms or function rooms with adequate space for group gatherings, are ideal for our activities.

Find out more about our Indoor Team Building Programmes here.


Outdoor Team Building

In Singapore, for outdoor team building sessions, we usually book a location from National Parks Board. Another alternative is working with venue providers who have outdoor space within their premises.

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Team Building For Sales, Customer Success Teambuilding & Leadership Teambuilding

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Singapore Team Building Clients

We have successfully executed team-building programs tailored for intimate groups as small as three individuals, scaling up to accommodate extensive gatherings of 500 or more participants.

Below are some of our fortune 500 clients, click on link to see more clients.


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We have been very blessed with quality clients who believe in the value that training and team building brings. Here are some testimonials we have received.


Dr. David A

private banker

“You run a very professional organization and programs. It would be a pleasure to share your company information with colleagues. Best wishes to you for continued success in the future.”




“I think I have benefitted a lot, not just in terms of doing my business better or doing sales better… what the course really helped me is to become a better person… to manage myself better and use these techniques to help people better, thank you so much”


Christian K.

GM, Manufacturing Company

“After the 2-day team building session with anergy, the India team just gelled and performed extremely well as ONE TEAM. They are still talking about the team building today!”

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WhatsApp us at +65.8813.6868, or fill up our contact form here
We usually reply to our online enquiries within 1-2 working days.