Activities Based & Experiential Training

Activities-based learning is a dynamic training methodology that has gained recognition for its effectiveness in promoting engagement, retention, and a fun learning environment. This approach is rooted in research and has been shown to yield impressive results.

Activities-based learning revolves around the idea that active participation enhances the learning experience. One key benefit is increased engagement, which is crucial for knowledge retention. According to research (1), active learning methods, like activities-based learning, lead to higher student motivation and improved academic performance. This principle applies not only to traditional education but also to corporate training. Employees who actively participate in training activities (2) are more likely to grasp and remember key concepts.

Moreover, activities-based learning eliminates dull moments during sessions. This methodology injects energy and excitement into the learning process. When employees or students are actively involved in discussions, group activities, or hands-on exercises, the training becomes more enjoyable and memorable. This aligns with the concept of experiential learning (5), where individuals learn by doing and reflecting on their experiences.

To emphasize the practicality of this approach, team formation based on Belbin’s roles (3) has been used to enhance teamwork and collaboration. Assigning individuals roles that suit their strengths encourages them to actively participate, leading to better team dynamics.

The research document on innovating education (4) underscores the importance of innovative teaching methods, and activities-based learning falls squarely into this category. It’s adaptable and can be tailored to suit various learning objectives and industries.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for effective remote learning methods became more apparent. Research on supporting the continuation of teaching and learning (6) highlights the importance of engaging students and maintaining their interest in remote settings. Activities-based learning proved to be a valuable strategy in this context, ensuring that remote sessions remained interactive and enjoyable.

In conclusion, activities-based learning is a well-supported training methodology that enhances engagement, retention, and overall learning experiences. Backed by research, this approach has proven effective in both academic and corporate settings, making it a valuable tool for educators and trainers seeking to create dynamic and impactful learning environments.

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