Outdoor Team Building

Outdoor team building forms an integral part of team building programmes, especially for larger group sizes, where preferences are diverse.

We will also recommend our outdoor programmes to groups where their itinerary comprise of back to back indoor meetings and discussions. As we all know, studies have shown that vitamin D can reduce cancer cell growth, help control infections and reduce inflammation.

Below are SOME of our Outdoor Team Building programmes, do contact us if you have other ideas in mind that may not be featured here:

If you are looking for team building for salespeople (click here), or remote team building(click here). We also have leadership teambuilding and indoor teambuilding categories for you to consider. We also custom design team building programmes for our clients!


änergy Raft Play!

Turn ordinary carton boxes into rafts that can take the weight of up to 8 people.

Our instructors will show participants how to properly seal carton boxes to make them waterproof and tie them together to create a raft.

What’s left is to appoint some courageous colleagues to compete in a rafting competition at the end.


änergy Synergy Race

One of our flagship programmes which we have run more than 500 times around Asia and China, with more than 15,000 participants (and counting).

This can be done within a resort/ hotel boundary, as well as around Sentosa, Town Area, Suntec City or Marina Barrage.

Learning outcome of this activity is highly customisable as it comprise of separate, small team challenges.

Participants not only get to explore the city and also learn important team building lessons from the various station tasks.


Sand Castle Wars!

Teams are shown how to use sand castle moulds to create giant sand structures.

This high energy activity is suitable for participants who love a bit of the sun, sand and the sea.

After their castles are graded based on the given requirements, participants then bombard the structures of other teams to score additional points.



In this telematch styled team building activity, teams strategise to complete a series of team challenges in a battle of wits and strength.

Points are accumulated from individual challenges to crown the winning team.


änergy Rocket Scientist

Teams create a rocket launcher that can propel their paper rocket more than 50 meters.

This programme can be completed indoors with the launch done briefly outdoors, or completely executed outdoors.


Working out releases endorphins which makes people feel good.

This moderately active team activity promotes active lifestyle and gets participants to work in teams to meet team targets.

It also drives home the valuable lesson of leveraging on the strengths of different team members