Team Building Board Game – Anergy Paramount Conquest


Anergy Paramount Conquest is a scenario based, real time board game that challenges teams on their strategic planning, problem solving, decision making, attention to details, communication, teamwork and creativity.

This is one of our flagship programmes that we have run a few hundred times since 2003, both locally and overseas. It’s popularity stems from the fact that it is highly engaging and it is a one-of-a-kind indoor team building activity which can cater to group sizes of 5 people, all the way to a few hundred participants per session.

It is also unique such that the teams are all competing in the same ballroom and yet it has situations where they can collaborate and help one another out.

In this high energy board game, teams of about 8- 10 people are pit against each other to plan a daring mission, travelling from the base camp to the top of Mt Olympus to rescue stranded climbers via 4 inter-connected routes.

Within a few minutes, they are required to make decisions on which route to take, what equipment and supplies to purchase and also assign daily tasks to each member.

Teams are also expected to minimise their casualties travel to the objective in the shortest time possible stay at the peak to seek out lost climbers and return to the base camp before their supplies run out.


While some teams are still strategising, they soon realise that the warning to the end of the game day has been issued and they are forced to make a quick decision so as not to miss their chance to move forward.

With each passing day, they begin to uncover more details on what elements have an effect on their team performance which presents them with the choice of adapting their strategy to the changing circumstance or sticking to their original plans.

Depending on their luck, mishaps could happen and they could lose precious members (who will be physically “removed” from them) and they will need to reassign tasks so the rescue mission can go on.

They “dead” members are given bonus tasks that can earn the team some credits and will return to their teams after some time.

As seen in the photo below, the participants are usually highly engaged during the session and it’s common to see them standing up, discussing and deciding their next steps.


At the end of the session, during the debrief, the hidden secrets are revealed and the teams’ performances are reviewed. Teams discuss what they have done right and what are some areas they could have done better, they also share what are the learnings that they can apply to their workplace.

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