Sales Team Building

Team building holds significant significance not only for salespeople but also for those in sales support roles, as it serves as a crucial factor in elevating their efficiency and achievements within the context of a fiercely competitive environment.

Numerous pivotal factors underscore the importance of team building for sales professionals. These encompass the augmentation of communication, heightened motivation levels, the cultivation of advanced collaborative abilities, the refinement of problem-solving skills, and the alleviation of stress.

Below are some programmes you should consider when planning team building for sales and sales support personnel. If you are looking for INDOOR team building(click here), OUTDOOR team building, CUSTOMER SERVICE team building or LEADERSHIP team building, go to the relevant pages instead.


änergy Synergy Race

One of our flagship programmes which we have run more than 500 times around Asia and China, with more than 15,000 participants (and counting).

This can be done within a resort/ hotel boundary, as well as around Sentosa, Town Area, Suntec City or Marina Barrage.

Learning outcome of this activity is highly customisable as it comprise of separate, small team challenges.

Participants not only get to explore the city and also learn important team building lessons from the various station tasks.


änergy Beach-a-thon

In this telematch styled team building activity, teams strategise to complete a series of team challenges in a battle of wits and strength.

Points are accumulated from individual challenges to crown the winning team.


änergy Corporate Sales Guru

The objective of this game is to emphasize the significance of systematic selling techniques, resulting in advantages such as maintaining a uniform sales approach, elevating sales performance, increasing customer satisfaction, and shortening the sales cycle.

Participants identify the key elements required in closing a deal and they have to manage their limited resources to close concurrent opportunities that are open.


änergy Reels

Let your creative juices flow. Learn about creating engaging content through the use of artificial intelligence, storyboarding, scripting. Teams compete to shoot the best short video from scratch based on a specified theme.


Cross Boarders

Imagine observing your typically passive colleagues undergo a remarkable transformation into highly effective negotiators through engagement in an exceptionally captivating collaborative board game.

In this intriguing game, participants immerse themselves in a world of negotiation, honing their skills and adopting diverse strategies to emerge victorious in securing lucrative deals and agreements.

Warning: things might turn ugly.



Teams engage in a series of diverse team challenges that serve as a comprehensive assessment of their various skill sets and abilities.

These challenges are designed to encompass a wide range of competencies, fostering a holistic evaluation of the team’s capabilities.

Embracing diversity, competition, collaboration and communication are critical success factors in this challenge.