Cross Boarders: Negotiation Team Building


Cross Boarders is an incredibly engaging team building board game that replicates real-world negotiations and collaborations within a business context. It provides participants with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of given scenarios, allowing them to sharpen their decision-making skills while striving to close deals by working closely with their fellow players.

One of the key elements of the game involves deciding which players to collaborate with and how to fairly distribute the payouts for each successful deal. However, the excitement truly intensifies when players who have not been selected for a particular deal are faced with a multitude of intriguing options. They can choose to undercut their competition in order to secure a share of the deals, or alternatively, they can opt to sabotage the deals altogether, or perhaps even take more drastic measures by eliminating their rivals to make themselves indispensable.

In order to improve their chances of successfully closing deals, players can form strategic alliances with other participants. By doing so, they are able to enhance their collective bargaining power and increase the likelihood of achieving their desired outcomes. Moreover, players may also engage establish a set of rules that will govern the overall process, such as determining who ultimately receives the deals and how the resulting payouts should be fairly distributed.

As with any game that combines elements of chance and negotiation skills, Cross Boarders ensures that every move made by each player has the potential to significantly impact their progress within the game. The thrill lies in the fact that unexpected twists and turns are an inherent part of this exhilarating board game experience. From surprising betrayals to snipe remarks that makes the players burst out laughing, Cross Boarders offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience that is both hilariously entertaining and undeniably addictive.

Learning Attributes:

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration:
    • Collaboration: The game encourages participants to collaborate with each other. Successful negotiation requires effective communication and understanding of each team member’s strengths, fostering a collaborative mindset.
    • Diverse Perspectives: Teams consist of individuals with varied skills and backgrounds, promoting the appreciation of diverse perspectives. This mirrors real-world scenarios where teams need to leverage their collective strengths for optimal outcomes.
    • Fairness: What goes around comes around. Fair dealings enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Happy customers are also more willing to recommend our products and services to their contacts.
  2. Negotiation Tactics:
    • Strategic Thinking: Negotiation in Cross Boarders demands strategic thinking. Participants learn to analyze situations, prepare for their negotiations and adjust their strategies dynamically to secure favorable outcomes.
    • Adaptability: The game introduces unexpected challenges, teaching participants to adapt their negotiation tactics in real-time. This skill is crucial in navigating complex business negotiations.
    • Conflict Resolution: As negotiations intensify, conflicts may arise. Cross Boarders provides a safe space for participants to practice conflict resolution skills, emphasizing the importance of finding win-win solutions.

Conclusion: Cross Boarders goes beyond traditional team building activities by offering a dynamic and immersive experience in negotiation and collaboration. Participants not only enhance their negotiation tactics but also develop essential teamwork and collaboration skills that are transferable to the workplace.

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