änergy Restaurateur – The Customer Service & Team Building Board Game


änergy Restaurateur, a custom-designed customer service and team building board game, was ingeniously crafted for a major multinational bank during the launch of their customer service headquarters in Singapore some years ago. With a whopping 150 customer service representatives in attendance, the objective was clear: to instill the values of service excellence, teamwork and creativity that are pivotal in their industry.

Picture this: Teams of 10 individuals seated in banquet-style arrangements, each entrusted with the operation of a virtual fast-food restaurant. From the moment an order is placed to the procurement of ingredients, the meticulous preparation of food, and the ultimate act of serving customers, every aspect is meticulously simulated.

We are able to customise the number of tasks to be completed based on the number of members in each team. For larger teams, the tasks to be completed by each team will be more compared to team building sessions where our clients have smaller group sizes.

In this case, each day, team members will have to juggle learning new recipes, taking down orders from various customers, preparing the food and serving each customer with a smile. Not to mention managing operational tasks like keeping track of inventory and scheduling the work of the staff.

As the participants immerse themselves in overseeing the daily operations of the restaurant, certain customers are directed to place special orders or make unusual requests, potentially disrupting the seamless flow of their activities.

The essence of the game lies in task delegation, as each team member assumes a unique responsibility crucial to the timely fulfillment of orders. But it doesn’t stop there; the teams are also challenged to go above and beyond in delighting their virtual customers, meeting specific requests, and effectively addressing any grievances or complaints that might arise.

The restaurants receive compensation determined by the number of orders they fulfill, but they can also accrue tips from customers who appreciate exceptional service, such as accommodating special requests and demonstrating outstanding communication and attention to detail. This interesting and interactive exchange mirrors the dynamics of the customer service industry, underscored by the delicate equilibrium between operational efficiency and ensuring customer contentment.

As teams navigate through the challenges, the game serves as a powerful tool in emphasizing the vital role of creativity in delivering exceptional service. It becomes a real-time test of their coordination, communication skills, and overall ability to collaborate harmoniously in accomplishing the diverse tasks at hand.

In essence, änergy Restaurateur transcends the boundaries of a traditional board game; it emerges as a transformative experience, leaving a lasting impression on participants and reinforcing the indispensable qualities required in the ever-evolving landscape of customer service.

Our customer (the Bank) was so impressed with the activity that they sent our entire team up to Jakarta a few months later for a re-run of the activity at the launch of their Jakarta service center. This was one of the best forms of endorsement we got from a customer.

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