änergy Piece It Team Building Program


Team building programs play a crucial role in enhancing collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among team members. One innovative program that stands out is the änergy Piece It, where teams embark on a thrilling journey to complete a giant jigsaw puzzle without knowing the final picture initially.

The picture is usually provided by our clients, based on the theme that they have and it is transformed into giant jigsaw puzzle sets to be completed by the teams.

Activity Conduct:

  1. Objective Clarity:
    • Teams are assembled without prior knowledge of the complete puzzle, fostering curiosity and anticipation.
    • Lack of initial information encourages participants to rely on teamwork rather than individual efforts.
  2. Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Setup:
    • A large, intricate jigsaw puzzle is presented to each team, promoting a sense of challenge and excitement.
    • The puzzle pieces are strategically distributed, requiring teams to communicate effectively to understand the bigger picture.
  3. Competitive Collaboration:
    • While the overall goal is collaborative, a competitive element is introduced to spice up the challenge.
    • Teams compete against each other to be the first to complete the puzzle, adding an element of excitement and urgency.
  4. Limited Information Sharing:
    • Teams are initially unaware of the complete puzzle image, promoting strategic communication and problem-solving.
    • Participants must share limited information about their puzzle pieces, fostering effective communication and collaboration.
  5. Team Interaction Zones:
    • Designated zones for teams to interact and strategize are established.
    • Teams must utilize these zones to exchange ideas and puzzle pieces, emphasizing the importance of physical collaboration.

Learning Attributes:

  1. Teamwork:
    • änergy Piece It emphasizes the significance of working together towards a common goal.
    • Teams learn the value of collective effort, as success hinges on effective collaboration and communication.
  2. Communication Skills:
    • Limited information sharing challenges participants to communicate clearly and strategically.
    • Effective communication becomes a key factor in understanding the puzzle and coordinating actions with team members.
  3. Problem-Solving:
    • The complex nature of the giant puzzle necessitates problem-solving skills.
    • Teams must analyze and strategize to fit pieces together, encouraging creative thinking and adaptability.
  4. Adaptability:
    • The uncertainty of the puzzle’s final image requires teams to be adaptable and open to changing strategies.
    • Participants learn to adjust their approach based on new information and evolving team dynamics.
  5. Time Management:
    • The competitive aspect adds a time-sensitive element, teaching teams to manage their time efficiently.
    • Balancing speed and accuracy becomes crucial in achieving success within the given timeframe.
  6. Leadership Development:
    • Team leaders emerge naturally during the activity, providing an opportunity for leadership development.
    • Leaders guide the team, delegate tasks, and foster a positive and motivating environment.
  7. Celebrating Diversity:
    • Each puzzle piece represents a unique contribution, highlighting the importance of diversity within the team.
    • Participants appreciate the varied skills and perspectives that contribute to overall success.

In conclusion, änergy Piece It goes beyond the traditional team-building approach by integrating competition, collaboration, and a hint of mystery. Through this innovative program, participants not only assemble puzzle pieces but also piece together essential skills that enhance their effectiveness as a cohesive and high-performing team.

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