20 DIY Online Team Bonding Activities


DIY teambonding activities are exceptionally useful to build relationships among team members, especially when you do not have limited time to go for professional team building sessions or you are on a tight budget.

Team building involves structured activities aimed at improving specific work-related skills and achieving long-term goals within a team. Teambonding, on the other hand, focuses on building trust and social relations among team members without specific skill development objectives.

If you are looking to organise some fun teambonding activities, here are 20 ideas:

1. Two Truths and a Lie: Team members take turns sharing two truths and one lie about themselves, and others have to guess which statement is the lie. Remember to get them to write down the titles of the stories first and indicated which is the lie.

2. Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items or clues, and team members search for them around their homes or online. Remember to include a mixtures of easy and difficult items to make the activity engaging and challenging.


3. Online Trivia Quiz: Host a trivia quiz using a platform like Kahoot or Zoom, covering a variety of topics. Remember to take into account on the cultural differences when designing the questions so that people with diverse backgrounds can still answer the questions.

4. Pictionary Online: Use online Pictionary tools for a fun drawing and guessing game. By using the online whiteboard features in Zoom or Teams, you can conduct this activities virtually as well. You can easily find good ideas by referring to the cards in the original Pictionary board game.

5. Spot the Difference: Find spot the difference pictures OR use free photo editing tools to create subtle differences to get teams to seek them out within the allocated time. Two very popular online free tools are Canva & Photopea.


6. Bucket List Sharing: Team members share their personal bucket lists and discuss their dreams and goals.

7. Storytelling Circle: Assign a theme or ending to each team and get each member to contribute a sentence to create a collaborative story.

8. Virtual Video Creation: Each team member shoots a short clip, which is then stitched into a story.

9. Team Building Bingo: Create custom bingo cards with team-related challenges or traits.

10. Role Reversal Play: Team members swap roles or responsibilities and create a skit to show how they perceive other roles in their team

11. DIY Home Office Decor Challenge: Challenge team members to decorate their home offices creatively and share the results.

12. Online Cooking Competition: Host a virtual cooking competition and have team members showcase a dish and share the recipe during the competition.

13. 1-min Book Club: Choose a book to read and share a 1-min summary to team members during the session

14. Exercise Session: Host an exercise session and participate as a team. You can look up workout videos online. Make sure to select a difficulty level that fits the fitness level of your team mates.

15. Secret Angel: Team members select a “target” where they send cards or gifts anonymously over a period of time (say one month or two weeks) then reveal themselves during the session.

16. Photo Sharing: Share photos of interesting places, and team members can guess where they were taken.

17. Team Building Charades: Play charades online with team-related clues. Give the teams some time to tie down their gestures so that they will have higher success rates at guessing the right answers.

18. Online Board Games: Play digital versions of classic board games like Monopoly or Scrabble. Here are 2 links you can explore:
Free Online Monopoly
Free Scrabble

19. Team Playlist: Create a collaborative playlist and have team members add their favorite songs.

20. Talent Show: Organize a virtual talent show where team members showcase their talents.

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