f Effective Leadership Workshop

Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership Workshop
Effective Leadership

dr. Bruce Tuckman's team development model has been widely used in management since 1965. yet many of today's managers and team leaders are not fully equipped with the skills necessary to lead a team through the Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing stages of a team. This course is structured to impart these crucial leadership and teambuilding skills.

Learning gains
Overview of the responsibilities of being a leader
• identify key issues facing a team at different stages
• learn to apply key leadership principles
• Understand why managers often fail to thoroughly follow the model when dealing with day-to-day work problems

Course Outline
• Remembering Names
• Building Trust
• Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking
• Key Leadership Principles

• Being an Excellent Listener
• Showing Appreciation
• Using the appropriate communication style
• Channeling Emotions

• Setting team standards
• Facilitating Meetings
• Brainstorming skills
• Asking the right questions

• Motivation a team
• Resolving conflicts
• Rewards and punishment
• Settings things right

Who Should Attend
Supervisors, team leaders, Managers and bosses

duration: 14 hours

*program timing can be tailored to meet your requirements