f Change Management Workshop

Change Management

Change Management Workshop
Change Management

Today’s reality is that companies worldwide are struggling to ensure continuity in their business success. What works for this year may not necessarily work for the future. Profits may tumble simply because new product technology and innovation makes yesterday’s product model no longer a winner (with product life cycle shortened by half or even shorter).

Or simply because the opening up of one country (e. g. China) as the low cost manufacturing factory of the world makes everyone scramble to decide how they can still continue to maintain expensive factories in their own backyard.

With such a changing world scenario, managing changes becomes no longer an option but a necessity. In fact the challenge is to manage and lead change at the speed of change; i.e. the necessary changes must take place within a time line or the company that delays and defaults would suffer penalties, due to the competition adapting to these needed changes more speedily.

Take for example, a necessary merger with a V partner that would bring new markets to the V, but due to integration problems, instead of capitalizing on the new sales opportunities, the V is stuck in management resistance and personnel issues.

Learning Objectives

This 2-day workshop will bring forth an awareness of change in the work environment. Participants will have a good understanding of what are the priorities of successful change management. They will also have participated in simulated change projects that will mirror what they might go through in the work environment and to practice preparing a work plan that can be applied at the work place.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Understand the compelling reasons for leading and managing change.
• Learn practical techniques for planning and implementing change effectively.
• Learn how to respond to resistance to change.
• Review assumptions and maintain momentum in leading and effecting real change.
• Assess current change management skills and identify areas for improvement.
• Recognize change trends early so as to be one step ahead of competitors.

Program Outline

Module 1: Understanding Change
Just how fast is the world changing today?
What are the primary change drivers for global competition?
Why do we need to change—aren’t there any alternatives?
Recognizing the sources of change
Defining the major types of change

Module 2: Change
Identifying Goals and Objectives
Selecting and Prioritizing Changes
Evaluating the complexities
People Involvement Plan
Timings and Milestones
The master action plan
Anticipating Effects and Administering Remedies
Simulation Exercise B: Drafting an employee feedback survey

Module 3: Change Implementation
Communication, Communication and Communication
Employing change agents
Leadership requirements for effective change
Remaking the corporate culture
Managing Resistance and negative reactions
Simulation Game C: Communicating the vision contest

Module 4: Consolidating Change
Change progress measurement
Reviewing assumptions and renewing priorities
Avoiding the pitfalls of complacency
Reviewing Budgets and assessing payback
Renewal & Momentum
Simulation exercise D: Change management skills – self assessment test

This program will be delivered via conceptual briefing, group discussions, role plays and skills practices.

Target Audience
This program is designed for Managers and Supervisors who are leading groups or teams in change initiatives. Those who work in constantly changing environment will also find this workshop relevant to their job responsibilities

*program timing can be tailored to meet your requirements