f Leadership Training - Basic Supervision Course

Basic Supervision

Leadership - Basic Supervision course

Supervisors, Line Leaders or team Leaders (these are the people who have operators, sales people, or rank and file staff reporting to them), must recognize that there is a role change from a non-supervisory to supervisory function. They need to learn how to strike an effective balance between personal performance and managing the performance of subordinates. This program will assist Supervisors to learn and acquire and use the skills and techniques of basic supervision.

Learning Objectives

On completing this program, participants will improve their people and task management skills and be able to apply practical tactics and strategies in supervising subordinates who are rank and file employees, to achieve results.

Learning Path:
• The Role Of Supervision, The Functions And Responsibilities
• What The Boss Expects Of The Leader
• What The Subordinates Expect Of Their Leader
• Motivation And Morale Building Tactics
• Leading By Example
• Leading And Making The Team Work
• Planning And Organizing People And Time
• Interpersonal Relationship Techniques And Skills
• Communicating With Superiors, Peers And Subordinates
• On-The-Job Training And Coaching To Improve The Work Performance And Work Attitude Of Subordinates
• Handling Grievances And Problems
• Appraising Performance And Providing Feedback
• Safety And General Housekeeping

who should attend

Section Leaders, Line-Leaders and personnel who have to supervise office staff and workers as well as skilled workers who are being prepared for Section Leader positions.

Method of Instruction

Short lectures, action-learning workshops with role plays, critique sessions and case studies.

Duration: 14 hours

*program timing can be tailored to meet your requirements