änergy Teams Unite

Modified Sports Teambuilding
änergy Unite

Participants form teams of equal number to compete against other teams in a set of station-based games. These competitive games have been crafted for fair play, in that females have an equal chance of play & participants would not have prior expertise in the skills required for the games.

the choice of competitive station games are:

(a) Line Soccer - Participants learn to work as a team in this modified soccer game
(b) Captain’s Sponge - strategy, communication and teamwork come into play in this fast paced game similar to basketball
(c) Airball - an un-intimidating version of volleyball where teamwork is still the crucial ingredient to win
(d) Rounders- a team game akin to soft ball, that requires strategy & teamwork
(e) bumper polo (water game) - participants manoeuvre their fellow team members seated on a float in this hilarious ‘water polo’ game
(f) Ruler Hockey - teams use rulers as hockey sticks in this modified hockey game
(g) Touch Ruby - in this game, participants strategize to penetrate the opponent’s defense line

Learning Values

- Planning before execution
- Looking out for one another during game play
- Learning to work as a team & placing team goals & objectives ahead of personal interests
- Bonding among team members

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Indoor or Outdoor
Equipment Required: Wide, open space, preferably high ceiling
Group Size: Not more than 5 teams
Physical Rating: Medium (if done out doors)
Ideal for: Teambuilding & Team bonding