änergy Team Builder

Team Structure Building Activity
änergy Builder

With limited materials, participants form teams to brainstorm feasible ideas and work together to construct a structure which meets one of the following requirements (these are just examples):
(a) The highest possible
(b) Most aesthetically beautiful
(c) Strongest tower
(d) Floating tower
(e) Tower that collects water
(f) Pyramid

During the course of the construction, new tasks will be thrown to the teams, causing them to re-strategize & re-calibrate each team mate’s responsibilities. At the end of the activity, a debrief will be conducted for teams, explaining the rationale of certain game rules & how it relates to work, pointing out the commendable actions & reactions, & raising areas to note for future improvement.

• Learning values
- The importance of teamwork & team effort to achieve common objectives
- Placing team goals & objectives ahead of personal interests
- Inter-departmental working relations & communication
- Resourcefulness & adaptability in the face of changes
- Delegation of duties among team members & monitoring of tasks meted out
- Working on multiple tasks & the need to allocate & prioritize these tasks
- Creative use of resources & creativity in the design of the structure
- Encourages leaders to rise up to give instructions & steer the group as no leader is pre-appointed

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: indoor or outdoor
Equipment required: none
Group size: about 8 teams & below
Physical rating: very low to low
Ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding, customer service, leadership training