änergy Transformers

Robotics Team Building
änergy Transformers

• Participants break up into smaller teams to assemble and program the robot from scratch (there are other tasks to be completed)

• Both teams have to get themselves organised and decide on how to split up/ delegate the workload to complete the tasks

• The team assembling the robot also has to assign a team member to learn to use the robotics programming software to accomplish certain tasks

• Changes to the requirements will be introduced whilst the teams are building the projects

• Learning Values

- Situational Leadership
- Celebrate Differences
- Positivity
- Planning
- Time Management
- Leadership
- Managing Changes

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Indoor
Equipment Required: Projector and Screen
Group Size: About 8 teams & below
Physical rating: Very low to low
Ideal for: Teambuilding, team bonding, leadership training