änergy Raft-Play!

Carton Box Raft Building Challenge
änergy Raft-Play!

In this collaborative (or competitive challenge) teams race to waterproof small carton boxes and learn how to tie them up together to make a bigger raft.

During the building process we can get teams to help out with other teams' rafts. Other variations includes using the least materials or buying raw materials with game money.

After debrief, participants will test out their rafts by paddling it across the lagoon to the other end and back to see if their rafts can survive the trip and also find out which team has the fastest rowers.

The biggest group we took for this activity is about 300persons at Xiamen in China. The rafts they built were able to transport 16 persons at one go.

Learning Outcome:
- Teamwork
- Collaboration
- Determination
- Attention to details
- Trust

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Outdoor
Equipment Required: Provided
Group size: Not more than 16 teams
Physical Rating: Medium to High
Ideal for: Team building, Team bonding & Trust building