änergy Patterns of Excellence

Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming
änergy Patterns of Excellence

Patterns of excellence helps participants understand simple and powerful truths that form the foundation of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) . Through the fun filled game show, participants will get to understand how NLP works.

Participants try to win money (game money) by bidding for their right to explain the visuals on patterns of excellence. Different game cards come into play during the game show, making it possible for lagging teams to outperform leading teams under certain circumstances.

This highly interactive, fun and exciting NLP teambuilding activity offers a good introduction to various NLP concepts.

NLP training and certification instils important learning values
- Understand what is required to be excellent in what we do and consequently become successful
- Understand that we can choose to take responsibility for our actions regardless of the situation
- Recognise the importance of physiology in communication
- Learn to consciously choose the right words so as to programme ourselves to get the results we want
- Learn to respect others' point of view
- Become better at building relationships with others
- Learn how to be more creative in problem solving
- Be more persuasive
- Build rapport with people
- Set goals and achieve them in practice and life
- Build confidence, motivation and release negative emotions

Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Indoor
Equipment Required: LCD projector and screen
Group Size: 10 to 300
Physical Rating: very low
Ideal for: ice-breakers for meetings, dinner & dance, indoor teambuilding, team bonding