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we have always challenged ourselves to find new and interesting corporate team building activities for our clients in Singapore and overseas. we are constantly on the look out for stimulating teambuilding games that are not only fun but also effective in imparting team learning values to the participants. here are some teambuilding activities that we offer.

Indoor Team Building:

brains, brawn & bucks (b-cube) - indoor team building game show that brings out multiple intelligences (exclusive, popular with executives!)
paramount conquest *exclusive - indoor team building/training real time board game (exclusive)
änergy designer teams - indoor/outdoor team building activity (can be outdoors)
änergy picasso - indoor/outdoor team building exercise (can be outdoors)
änergy team talk: conflict resolution within teams
änergy teams-talk: conflict resolution between teams
änergy wheel of chaos - indoor dinner game
disc workshop *popular - personality profile workshop
surviving the desert - indoor team discussion exercise
team-works - series of team building exercises with debrief after each game
team builder - team building game which can be customised to meet different objectives (can be outdoors)
änergy salad dressing *new - salad making team building competition
änergy transformers (ROBOTICS) *new - participants learn to build and program a robot [adapting to changes]
änergy beat it!  - COLLABORATIVE team building session where participants are trained to make music with common household items
änergy restaurateur *new - real time CUSTOMER SERVICE board game that requires teamwork, delegation, creativity & excellent service to win.
anergy ultimate roadster *new - build the ULTIMATE race car and race it against your colleauges, indoors!
anergy patterns of excellence *new - learn mindsets that make successful people successful in this hilariously fun game show (based on neuro linguistic programming concepts)!
•hungry hippo herders *new - modelled after the immensely popular family game, the hungry hippo herders requires team members to slide across the playing area and retrieve balls with a basket

Outdoor Team Building:

after dark adventures - night team building activity
änergy rags 2 riches - team building for a cause
änergy beach-a-thon *popular - outdoor team building games at the beach
änergy rocket scientist team - indoor/outdoor team building activity
laser shootout! (combat simulation) teambuilding *popular - LIKE paintball but "no paint and no pain"
synergy race (island-wide) - outdoor team building race around singapore, modeled after the amazing race
änergy synergy race (sentosa) *popular - outdoor team building race around sentosa island
teams unite *popular - outdoor team building with modified sports
änergy vehicular rally - vehicular treasure hunt around singapore
änergy video production teams *new - outdoor team building exercise for small groups
ultimate frisbee team building - non-contact, competitive game
team building through active sports - active team building for sporty people

sand castle wars *new - real sand castle building competition
whacky olympics*new - teams engage in a myriad of challenges modified olympic events
treasure hunts or scavenger hunts - teambuilding purposes, food theme or fun team bonding
CSR mini golf challenge - teams design mini golf courses and compete in a charity golf challenge with foods donated to the charities after the event


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featured games:

indoor team building activities company team building activities

änergy salad dressing
& änergy transformers (ROBOTICS)

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