änergy Desert Survival

Scenario Based Team Discussion Activity
änergy Desert Survival

Participants are given a scenario where they are lost in a desert. individually, they are requested to rank the following 15 items that will enable them to survive a 44-degrees desert heat.
- 1ft x 1ft fishing net
- Camping knife
- Plastic rain coat
- Dried bushes
- A loaded pistol
- Wooden planks
- & more...

Participants are then grouped into teams and they discuss to come out with a group solution to the issue on hand. They are then presented with model soutions. participants can then compare their individual score and group score with the model answer, finding out for themselves that interestingly even though their individual answers may not do very well, their team score will have significant improvements.

Learning Values

- Team answers are usually better than individual answers
- During discussions, we need to seek the opinion of all team members and give them air time to explain themselves
- Domineering leaders need to listen more

Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Indoor
Equipment required: lcd projector and screen
Group Size: 10 to 300
Physical Rating: Very low
Ideal for: ice-breakers for meetings, dinner & dance, indoor teambuilding, team bonding