änergy Laser Shootout!

Combat Laser TeambuildinG
änergy Laser Shootout!

It used to be called laser quest, laser tag or laser mania but our skirmish or combat teambuidling uses new generation equipment that has ranges that are unheard of before. it is also one of the most realistic non-contact, outdoor real-life skirmish combat game in singapore. änergy laser shootout! uses equipment manufactured in the united states, we own these equipment and we hold the distributorship to the equipment.

The weapons that we use are custom-made for shootouts or parties, they use outdoor laser tag technology (it's in fact infra-red light and not laser). the range of these guns far exceed the traditional indoor equipment. it is the same technology as our television remote controllers and it runs on batterys. it does not involve any projectile and is therefore safe to use in indoor or outdoor settings.

The number of "rounds" and "hits" are electronically monitored. at the end of each game, you will be able to track who shot you how many times. the equipment also mimics realistic reload time of about 5 seconds (and of course when you reload, you are not able to shoot), which means players will have to think about when and where they should reload.

The speakers on each skirmish combat gun makes a loud "ouch" sound when the sensors connected to the gun detects a "hit". you can only return fire one second after you are "shot" to simulate shock.

It can even warn you with a loud "warning" when there is a near-miss. eventually, when your "lives" run out, you will hear this desperate call for help by your team mates that goes, "medic medic, man down, man down!" which means you are "dead".

This is not the end of the combat game for you tough, all you have to do is to raise one hand above your head to let others know that you are already dead (so that they will not be wasting their shots on you) and return to your start point to get your gun reset (or respawn).

Our laser tag skirmish equipment are so safe, it is popular with adults and children alike:

With the new equipment that we have, we are able to turn on the night mode or indoor mode where it reduces the infra red lights bouncing off walls. making the shootouts more realistic even for indoor skirmish games or parties!

Singapore teambuilding is proud to present this exciting sport to singapore, to provide another quatlity teambuilding game for singaporeans.

Laser tag team building games can also be used to impart learning values like leadership, delegation, teambuilding, and communication, planning before execution and motivation. it is an excellent choice for staff retreats, team bonding and family days or even for a kids bithday party (we can accommodate children as young as 5 years old).

During teambuidling sessions, participants will realise that the best way to win the skirmish combat game is to work in small teams. the team has to decide on a strategy and each participants has to paly their part to complete the mission objectives. every individual plays an important role in this game as only team scores are tracked.

Some of our clients who have tried this exciting game includes:

1. HBO
2. UOB
3. Unilever
4. Safra
5. AMD
6. General Electric
7. HP
8. Saxo Capital Markets
9. & Others

some possible missions for corporate team building inclue:

1. Capture the flag
2 . Touch base mission
3 . VIP escort
4 . Sniper mission
5 . Combat movement course
6 . Hostage rescue + booby trap
7 . Counter terrorist bomb disposal

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Indoor or Outdoor with "cover" (places for hiding)
Equipment Required: Provided
Group size: Not more than 12 teams
Physical Rating: Medium to High
Ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding