änergy Video Production Crew

Video Prodution Team Building
Video Production Crew

Making a movie takes the concerted effort of a team of professionals. Video production team is a teambuilding game that is design to give participants a taste of this experience, as well as giving participants an opportunity to make it into fun filled project where they can let their hair down (for some participants, even their clothes!) and pull crazy stunts on video.

Through this exciting activity, participants will have loads of fun and also take home a clip of the movie that they have made - which they may or may not share with people other than their colleagues!
• Armed with:
(a) A portable video camera;
(b) A crash course on taking videos;
(c) An outline of a script &;
(d) Their wildest imagination;

• Teams embark on a journey to make a short video that is interesting and humorous
• Team members will have to brainstorm on the script, finalize the characters and source out costumes for their production
• Their raw footage will be sent for professional editing and returned for screening at the end of the day
• Teams will take turn to share their experiences and present their clip to the other teams and they will be graded on their production

• Learning values - find out the strengths of different people through making ‘movie’; for some people its technical aspects, for others, the creative side - learn to rely on strengths of different people to complete the project in time - learn to brainstorm effectively, accommodate to one another’s ideas - planning before execution helps to simplify a complex project

duration: 3 to 5 hours
venue: indoor or outdoor
equipment required: equipment will be rented
group size: not more than 8 teams
physical rating: low to medium (if done out doors)
ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding