änergy Vehicular Rally

Team Building Car Rally
änergy Vehicular Rally

This teambuilding activity is akin to going on a road trip with your colleagues, you will have to do a little of topography, solve some clues and at the same time complete some teambuilding tasks at certain stations (optional).

The difference is that the road trip brings you to interesting places around Singapore (most of the time, unless you are prepared to bring your passport along and venture into our neighbor up north).

We will supply everything you need for this team bonding or teambuilding game, including the all the preparation work, staff to run the game, logistics and even the cars (rental charges apply). The only thing that you have to bring is your driving license.

• Participants form teams of 4 (traveling at 80km/hr) or 10 (traveling at 60km/hr) and embark on a car rally around Singapore island

Themes available are

Makan Rally, Ethnic Trail & Gone Were The Days
• Participants solve clues or puzzles and make their way to interesting checkpoints
• At their check points, teams will be required to either complete leisure tasks or teambuilding tasks, depending on the objectives of the event

Learning Values
- Teamwork & planning are essential for teams to complete the race
- Time Management
- Team bonding

Public transport version is also available.