änergy Ultimate Roadster

Cardboard Race Car Team Challenge
änergy Ultimate Roadster

Many of us may have attended several team building sessions where we are required to build structures or things, but you’ve got to trust us on this one, this is DIFFERENT. Teams will build the ultimate roadster in the given time and race it with other teams with one of their team mates in the cockpit.

Using only materials provided by us, participating teams will have to come out with a nice looking design, creatively piece the materials together to produce a race car with sound structure. It will be the ultimate test of their innovativeness, design, planning, craftsmanship and ability to work together.

Different versions of this activity can accommodate small group sizes of 10 and below, to large group sizes of a few hundred participants at one go, restricted only by the size of the team building venue.

The finished race cars a judged based on:
(a) Fastest time to complete the race
(b) Most aesthetically beautiful
(c) Structurally sound

While the teams are manufacturing their vehicles, team members may be given new tasks, causing them to re-strategise & re-calibrate each team mate’s responsibilities

The änergy trainer will incorporate ‘job rotation’ & ‘additional task’, whereby team members have to re-organise & adapt to the new environment & changes

At the end of the activity, a debrief will be conducted for the teams, explaining the rationale of certain game rules & how it relates to work, pointing out the commendable actions & reactions, & raising areas to note for future improvement.

learning values

- The importance of teamwork & team effort to achieve common objectives
- Placing team goals & objectives ahead of personal interests
- Inter-departmental working relations & communication
- Resourcefulness & adaptability in the face of changes
- Delegation of duties among team members & monitoring of tasks meted out
- Working on multiple tasks & the need to allocate & prioritise these tasks
- Creative use of resources & creativity in the design of the structure
- Encourages leaders to rise up to give instructions & steer the group as no leader is pre-appointed

Duration: 2 to 4 hours
Venue: Indoor or outdoor
Equipment Required: Provided
Group Size: 500 persons below
Physical rating: Low
Ideal for: Innovation, planning, creativity, attention to details and promote teamwork