änergy Teams Talk

Conflict Resolution between Teams
änergy Teams Talk

• änergy teams talk is an exercise designed to help resolve conflicts between groups of people
• The session begins with a short talk on communication and team spirit and how these can impact the bottom line and even survival of any organization
• Participants then breakup into their work groups and brainstorm on areas which they think require improvements within their work group and suggestions to improve any processes at work
• They will then take turns to communicate their findings to the other teams
• The teams will then discuss & document the changes to be made after the session & nominate people who will ensure these changes will be carried out

• Objectives:
- Deeper understanding of other departments
- Open up communication between conflicting departments or work groups
- Unveiling areas for improvement by constructive comments
- Written commitment serves as a reminder for the participants to work towards their goals

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Indoor
Equipment required: flip charts
Group Size: Not more than 20 members per team
Physical Rating: Very low
Ideal For: teambuilding, team bonding, conflict resolution