änergy Team Talk

Conflict Resolution Within a Team
änergy Team Talk

This is a simple yet effective conflict resolution activity aimed at helping team members open up communication and work out differeces and clarify any misunderstandings at work

The exercise is useful to create understanding among participants, work on areas of conflict and map out an action plan to improve on personal areas. It can be more powerful than a 360 degree feedback but we have to warn you that participants have to come with an open mind.

• Level 1: ‘listen & tell’ where participants share an interesting fact about themselves to the team

• Level 2: each participant takes turns to be in the ‘limelight’, where fellow team mates will reveal an aspect they like about the ‘protagonist’

• Level 3: taking turns, participants share one area about the ‘protagonist’ which they feel require improvement

• Level 4: having heard from peers, participants will document and committed to changing, with respect to their teams and the organization. The letters will be collected, and mailed to each individual as a form of follow up.

• Learning Values:
- Deeper understanding of one another
- Development of trust within the team as participants disclose things about themselves, otherwise not shared at workplace
- Unveiling areas for improvement by constructive comments
- Written commitment serves as a reminder for the participants to work towards their goals

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: indoor
Equipment required: flip charts
Group Size: not more than 20 members per teams
Physical Rating: Very low to low Ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding, conflict resolution