änergy Synergy Race

Amazing Race Style Team Building Race
änergy Synergy Race

Synergy Race is one of our flagship teambuilding programs since its introduction in early 2003. we have run this game at least 500 times since we started in Singapore, as well as places like kuala lumpur, johor bahru, langkawi, and we eventually brought it to Hong Kong, Macau, as well as in several cities in China and in 2016, Hanoi in Vietnam.

One of the most popular venue is in sentosa (do note that this team building game can be conducted almost in any city), modeled after the "Amazing Race" on TV, participants would travel in teams on foot, by beach tram or bus throughout Sentosa island in a race to complete 5-7 stations within the allocated time of 3 hours. The stations engage teams in a variety of challenges that require teamwork and physical, verbal, analytical and creative elements. The winning team is determined by the highest number of points earned, followed by a second judging criteria of the time taken to complete the race.

This race can also be played around town area on public transport or in private vehicles. See Synergy Race Team Building Treasure Hunt and änergy Vehicular Rally

The assortment of existing stations are:
o Finger Trick
o Reverse Pictionary
o Sand Moulding
o Missionary Rescue
o Trust Fall/Balance
o Frisbee® Bridge
o Card Magic
o Flip It
o Save the Duckie
o Blow pipe

• Learning Values:
o Teamwork is vital in order to advance
o Proper communication is required to be effective
o Leadership
o Problem Solving
o Time Management
o Collaboration can also be introduced

Duration: 3 to 7 hours
Venue: outdoor
Group Size: 20 to 500
Physical Rating: customizable from medium to very high
Ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding