änergy Rocket Scientists

Rocket Launcher team challenge
änergy Rocket Scientists

Teams compete with one another to create a rocket launcher to propel a rocket as far as half a football field (outdoors) or about 10m to 15m (indoors):

(a) To travel the farthest distance
(b) Most aesthetically beautiful
(c) Structurally sound

• While the teams are manufacturing their rocket launchers, team members may be given new tasks, causing them to re-strategise & re-calibrate each team mate’s responsibilities

• The änergy trainer will incorporate ‘job rotation’ & ‘additional task’, whereby team members have to re-organise & adapt to the new environment & changes

• At the end of the activity, a debrief will be conducted for the teams, explaining the rationale of certain game rules & how it relates to work, pointing out the commendable actions & reactions, & raising areas to note for future improvement

• learning values

- The importance of teamwork & team effort to achieve common objectives
- Placing team goals & objectives ahead of personal interests
- Inter-departmental working relations & communication
- Resourcefulness & adaptability in the face of changes
- Delegation of duties among team members & monitoring of tasks meted out
- Working on multiple tasks & the need to allocate & prioritise these tasks
- Creative use of resources & creativity in the design of the structure
- Encourages leaders to rise up to give instructions & steer the group as no leader is pre-appointed

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Venue: Indoor or outdoor
Equipment Required: Provided
Group Size: about 8 teams & below
Physical rating: very low to low
Ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding, customer service, leadership training