änergy Picasso

Team Discussion Activity
änergy Picasso

Applying Prof. Elton Mayo's research on employee motivation during the Hawthorne Experiments to teambuilding, anergy picasso seeks to give participants and avenue to express their opinions in a casual setting, create awareness of issues in the office and address them accordingly.

• professor Elton Mayo conducted a 5-year research, the Hawthorne Experiments (from 1927 to 1932), at the Western Electric Hawthorne Works in Chicago.

Interestingly, two of his conclusions from the Hawthorne Experiments are:
(a) The relations that supervisors develop with workers tend to influence the manner in which the workers carry out directives.
(b) Being taken care of, being recognized for their work, feeling secured and a sense of belonging is more important that physical conditions at work.

• änergy picasso shows participants that the managements cares about their feelings & feedback; & that they are part of the organization, this, according to professor Mayo, has a greater effect on team morale than the physical conditions at work

• Participants are given time to individually draw a picture that represents their feelings towards their department or team

• in their teams, facilitators will then guide the participants to comment on each drawing

• a summary report of the perceptions will be compiled and given to the organizing committee/HRD for any follow up


• learning values:
- using a non-threatening activity to unearth honest opinions and perceptions of participants
- platform for the participants to interact and voice their opinions or any concerns
- if done on a bi-yearly or year-on-year basis, it can be used as to track employees’ morale