änergy 3D Designer Teams

Anergy 3D Designer Teams
3D Designer Teams

Who doesn't like to try their skills a product design and 3D printing? With our 3D Designer Teams, participants are given the chance the realise their dreams of being product designers (sort of). The will be challenged to create a dream product as a team.

• Participants work in teams to design and manufacture a product
• Teams will draw up the design & input it into the software provided by us
• Teams will be given a challenge to create a final product to meet a particular purpose
• Team members can be tasked to "sell" their product to the judge
• Awards will then be given out to the top team
• Final product will be printed with the 3D printer provided by us

• learning values
- Find out the strengths of different people through design and project management
- Learn to rely on strengths of different people to complete the project in time
- Learn to brainstorm effectively, accommodate to one another’s ideas
- Planning before execution
- Learn from mistakes

Duration: 3 to 5 hours
Venue: Indoor Only
Equipment Required: Provided by us
Group size: Not more than 8 teams
Physical Rating: Low
Ideal For: Teambuilding