f After Dark Adventure Teambuilding (Night)

After Dark Adventures

Night Team building
After Dark Adventures (Night Team Building)

Blindfolded participants journey into the chosen venue, taking turns to be to lead the team. This is usually at "deserted" locations or disused buildings.

During their journey, they have to either accomplish tasks to earn materials for a task at the end (trekking); or search for hidden items that will help in their task at the end (disused building)their task at the end is to compete to retrieve certain items from a protected enemy base, in the quickest time.

Participants also take turns to direct and lead their team mates as they navigate through different locations.

Learning values
1 ) trust in one another
2 ) leadership skills in leading the team
3 ) Caring for one another,
4 ) encouraging one another

venue: indoor or outdoor
group size: not more than 5 teams
physical rating: low to medium (depends on indoors or outdoors)
ideal for: teambuilding, team bonding