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leadership programs

effective problem solving & decision making

in any team, there will be decisions to be made and problems to be solved. Learn a “how-to” process for solving compelling problems within and outside your team! This unique seminar invites you to bring at least one in-depth problem or decision you are grappling with and map out an implementation plan that meets your objectives. You will learn how to creatively brainstorm solutions, face obstacles from a whole new perspective and discover how to effectively use a step-by-step process to achieve greater results.

Learning gains
• Solve problems and implement solutions
• Define problems clearly and set unambiguous standards for solutions
• Identify underlying causes for problems
• Evaluate feasibility of solutions in terms of business merit
• Choose the decision-making strategy that best fits the situation
• Improve your individual and team creativity in problem solving
• Choose the best solution from available alternatives
• Plan for effective implementation

Course Outline
Overview of Workshop and Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Model
• Attain an overview of the workshop and its overall objectives
• Identify key steps in the problem-solving and decision-making model
• Understand the purpose and benefits of each step in the model
• Understand why managers often fail to thoroughly follow the model when dealing with day-to-day work problems

Selecting and Defining Your Problem
• Understand the distinction between serious problems and urgent problems
• Review techniques for overcoming psychological forces that often hinder the recognition of serious problems
• Define the problems using "gap analysis"
• Begin receiving feedback on aspects of your problem

Determining Cause
• Understand the difference between symptom and cause
• Understand the difference between single, multiple and circular causes of problems
• Use different tools for determining causes of problems
• Receive group feedback on the analysis of the causes of the three problems in the workplace

Decision-Making Strategies
• Identify the benefits of using teams in decision making
• Identify the different strategies that can be used in decision making
• Identify your preferred decision-making style
• Identify appropriate decision-making strategies in different situations

Creativity to Generate Better Solutions
• Identify how whole-brain thinking can spur creativity in problem solving and decision making
• Understand the skills that are characteristic of creative groups
• Apply skills at fostering group creativity to a group’s attempt to solve problems
• Receive feedback on how your own behaviors fostered or hindered group creativity

Blinders and Brainstorming
• Understand common blinders
• Identify blinders that can lead to problems and prevent their resolution
• Understand the process of brainstorming and its use in problem solving and decision making
• Participate in brainstorming sessions to solve problems

Selecting and Implementing the Best Solution
• Identify the steps in determining the feasibility and practicality of aspects of a potential solution
• Evaluate the feasibility and practicality of possible solutions to your selected problem
• Receive group feedback on the solution you selected
• Plan to implement the solution
• Receive group feedback on your implementation plans

Method of Training
A very lively workshop, with lectures, total interaction, games, and role play that help participants realize the principles of problem solving and decision making.

Who Should Attend
Supervisors, Executives, Managers looking for an effective problem-solving process.

duration: 14 hours

*program timing can be tailored to meet your requirements

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