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customer service excellence workshop

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customer service programs

customer service excellence

Organizations need excellent customer service teams to compete in today's customer oriented environment. Now more than ever, it is crucial to success to understand the customers wants, needs, and expectations as well as apply excellent interpersonal relationship skills to communicate effectively with the customer. The Customer Service Workshop will develop participants’ customer service skills. it will also help participants learn that the customer service department works as a team to ensure service standards. This course can be integrated to our other teambuilding activities.

The workshop will entail the latest customer service information with activities to provide participants with the hands on experience, which enhances learning and retention.

Day One Agenda – Customer Relations
Introductions & Overview
• Introduce ourselves
• Getting to know each other (Icebreaker)
• Sharing Expectations
• Our Focus - Workshop Objectives

Examining Customer Relations
• Define Customer
• Your Function in the Customer Service Relationship
• Effective Customer Relations
• Understanding the Customer needs, wants, and expectations

Service Excellence
• Exceeding Customer Expectations
• The importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills
• Identifying communication styles and how to work with different styles
• Asking leading questions to gather information
• Develop active listening
• Delivering the message
• The importance of Building Relationships

Building Relationships
• Understanding the customer relationship
• Recognizing strengths and weaknesses
• Handling difficult clients effectively

• Understanding your relationship skills
• Turning a potentially bad situation to a positive one
• Taking effective steps to achieving excellent customer relationships

Wrap Up
• Summary of learning points
• Questions
• Reflection

Day Two Agenda – Improving People Skills
Review & Overview
• Review our learning
• Sharing experiences
• Today's Focus - Workshop Objectives

Improving People Skills
• Building the relationship telephone versus face to face
• Understanding values and needs
• The power of attitude
• Creating an open environment
• The importance of trust, keeping your word, and following through

Service Management
• Evaluating the situation
• Defusing the emotion
• Understanding the problem
• Developing solutions
• Ensuring satisfaction

Overview Application
• Scenario skills practice incorporating all aspects covered in the workshop

Wrap Up
• Summary of learning points
• Questions
• Reflection
• Evaluations

Courses are highly interactive in nature and use a variety of activities, games, role-plays, scenarios, case studies, dvd scenes discussion and reflection to maximize the transfer of learning.

who should attend
managers, supervisors, customer service staff and all staff that have contact with customers

duration: 14 hours

*program timing can be tailored to meet your requirements

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