Xiamen – a tourist city in China

Popular for it’s attractive seascape, Xiamen China is an easily accessible destination via air, train coach or sea, depending on the source of your travels. Our team had the opportunity to travel up in January this year to Xiamen, and was put up at a beautiful hotel – ¬†Hotel Nikko Xiamen, and we’d like to share our experience with you!

Touching down at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, we were greeted with a clean & efficient airport system. Our hotel guide stood ready to welcome us once we’re out of the arrival hall and ushered us, together with the massive amount of logistics, to our waiting van. As it’s near the coastal area, Xiamen is pleasantly sunny even during the tail-end of the winter season.¬†. As our crew was travelling from wintery Hong Kong to Xiamen, we were expecting the weather to be in a cool 10-15 degrees, however we were warmly surprised when the weather was nice and warm at about 25 degrees! We discarded our thick jackets in no time.

We travelled from the airport to Hotel Nikko, and took in the sights of well developed streets & infrastructure. Hotel Nikko, a 5-star hotel in Xiamen has an inviting entrance with a water feature at it’s porch. Marble flooring & sculptural art are seen around the hotel, giving it a posh feeling. Built in 2011, the hotel and its amenities were fairly new when we visited. I personally like the layout of the room, esp the spaciousness of it. The bedroom and toilet area was comparable in size, and if we’re sharing a room with another person, that gives each person plenty of space.

The team building session was held for a group of 300+pax group, and the hotel had a large ballroom which fit everyone, and we could even segregate the room into 3 different parts for our program.

Though we were there for a project, we had time to go for a team lunch & a mini walkabout to a nearby shopping district. One thing to note when ordering food, that the portions are large, and if you’re not a big eater, sharing is recommended. Their staples were served in large plates and even the burly guys within our team couldn’t finish them. Once the project was over, we headed to the shopping centre in cabs, and their cab fares are relatively inexpensive, a 15min trip costs only about SGD2. Xiamen should be better known for GuLangYu, renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architecture, as the mall was relatively quiet, even on a weekend.

Though our time was short in Xiamen, we enjoyed her sights, hospitality and food! Till our next visit!