Versatile Team building Venues

The following team building venues are priced between a minimum spend of S$3,000++ to S$10,000++ for venue rental & meals. The bookings are either private booking or a section will be closed for your group, depending on group size.

Verve Pizzeria at One North & Marina Bay Sands

An inviting & elegant restaurant that overlooks the lush greenery along Slim Barracks Rise, Verve Pizzeria One North serves up delicious Italian cuisine. Verve Pizza Bar at Marina Bay Sands offers an alfresco dining by the bay, overlooking the playful fountains at Marina Bay Sands.

Riding on their motto of  “simple things done right”, you can be treated to a fuss-free menu filled with homemade pastas, pizzas and the like.

The restaurants can be transformed seamlessly into a function venue for team building events, where the best of both worlds, i.e, a quiet retreat away from the busyness of the city pared with an exquisite meal can be found at the Verve.

With just a minimum of 20 pax, a section of the restaurant can be closed up for a private function. The entire restaurant can be closed off to sit a maximum of 140 pax. A minimum spend between S$3,000++ to S$10,000++ is required, depending on the number of people and area required.

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Address : Verve Pizzeria @ One North, 11 Slim Barracks Rise Singapore 138664 Contact : +65 9773 0267

Address : Verve Pizza Bar @ Marina Bay Sands, 11 Marina Boulevard Ground Floor Marina Bay City Gallery Singapore 018940 Contact : +65 9773 0267

Choosing Team Building Venues

While assisting our clients to search for venues for their team building session, we realised that some of them are torn between selecting a decent venue and paying for quality team building programmes.

This is where we can help. For a small fee of $200 or 15% of the total F&B expenditure (the higher thereof), we can assist in settling the venue selection. Alternatively, you can book the venue directly and just engage us for the programme portion.

If you do choose to book a venue directly and find that most of the hotel and resorts are out of your budget, you may want to consider some of these options that we have listed here. However, do take note that the prices are accurate at the time of the post but the venue providers may vary their prices without informing us. Do contact them directly to obtain the latest rate card.

Also, if you are not too familiar with booking seminar packages with venue providers, it will be very useful if you read the remainder of this post.

Types of seminar package

When hotels, resorts and other venue providers quote a “seminar package”, it usually comes in “half-day” and “full day” options.

“Half-day seminar packages” will usually include one lunch and one tea break (with 2 or 3 tea break items); and “full day seminar packages” usually include a lunch and two tea breaks (with 2 or 3 tea break items per break). Some hotels package in “banquet style lunch” (where dishes are served at a round table), while other include “set lunch” and yet others include their “buffet style lunch” in their seminar packages. So do clarify what type of lunch is included by the venue provider even if the venue may be well known for their buffet lunches (they may not include that in their seminar package).

Seminar Package Prices

Seminar package prices are usually quoted before government taxes and service charge. If you see a nett price, like $50nett, that is good news, because it means they do not charge service charge and they are not goods and services tax (GST) registered. More often than not, for hotels, you will see a “++” behind the amount. For example, when when you are quoted $80++, you are actually going to pay $94.16 ($80 x10% more for service charge + 7% more of the sub-total for GST = $94.16).

Booking Hours

Most venue providers work with 9am to 1pm for half-day (morning) seminar package (1pm to 5pm for afternoon seminar package) and 9am to 5pm for full day seminar package. Some venues will charge additional rental if you are starting your meeting early or end your meeting late. It may be good to get this information handy if you have some issues to discuss or lengthy discussions during your team building session.

Minimum Guarantee

Some venues charges the same price regardless if you have 10 persons or 200 persons. Other venues offer bulk discounts, which means, the price they charge a 100 persons group is lower than the price they charge a 10 persons group. however, in the quote, they should specify what is the minimum number of guests you have to guarantee in order to get the “special price” they are quoting you. For example, if they quote you $80++ for minimum 100 persons, it means that to enjoy the special price of $80++, you will have to have 100 people attending the team building workshop. If you have a lower number, the price may increase. They will also stipulate what is the latest date you can update your numbers with them – some venues give 14days, others give one week.

Complimentary Parking

Some venues give 20% of the number of guests complimentary parking coupons, other venues only give 10%. You may want to give the drivers in your team a heads up before the event date especially if the hotel is in town and the seminar hours are long. The parking fee may be quite a substantial amount and some drivers may opt to take public transportation instead.

Booking a venue can be quite a handful but as long as you get the important facts right, you should be fine. As with any contracts, if you know you do not have a keen eye for details, getting help from someone in your team who is good with details to read through the contract before signing may be a good idea.

We hope you enjoy checking out the other posts in this category, which lists possible venues you may consider, it will save you a lot of trouble seeking them out individually.