Training Venues to Date & Hello 2018!

Since 2015, we are thankful that we have added Taiwan to our list of cities and countries that we have trained before.

To date, we have consulted or trained in about 28 cities across Asia, including China, India, Taiwan and Vietnam!

We will like to thank all our clients for giving us the opportunity to work with them and we look forward to even more training engagements in countries and cities other than Singapore and Hong Kong where we are based.

As we always tell our customers, if you like our programmes and service, do recommend us to your colleagues, friends and relatives; if you do not like us, do recommend us to your competitors, if you have any.

änergy has rich experience and expertise in organising interactive workshops for MNCs and many Fortune 500 companies, with participants from around the world. we have had the opportunity to train in the following cities/countries since 2003:-

Here’s wishing everyone a very prosperous and healthy 2015!

Screenshot 2015-02-15 21.12.17


Taiwan Team Building

We have just completed a 2 day DISC training and team building for the management and some staff of a global Investment bank’s branch office in Taiwan. This is our 3rd training this year for this Investment group (we had previously completed 2 trainings for them in Singapore), and our first training in Taiwan.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 09.59.20

It seems kind of weird that we have been so close to Taiwan after we set up our office in Hong Kong in 2009, and have flown numerous times to different parts of China from Hong Kong (and even to Mumbai and Hyderabad in India), and have only just completed our first training engagement in Taiwan. We are, nonetheless, very glad that finally this item on our “to-do” list for our company can finally be checked.

Taiwanese people have always given me the impression of being shrewd business people and yet relational, warm and welcoming.  I remember that from my childhood days when my father was involved in a trading business with Taiwanese business partners.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 10.12.27

After the 2-day training, I came to realise also that they are also a group of extremely committed, creative and determined individuals with a strong sense of common goal in a team setting. Not to mention that they are probably one of the most fun loving groups that I remember from our past 11-year history.

The venue that the client has selected is very near the iconic Taipei 101 building. The participants were very interactive during the DISC training and raised many interesting questions during the training.

During the team building portion, both the management and staff were both extremely enthusiastic and worked very well in their teams. There was great communication within and between teams and participants were committed to complete the challenges that were posted to them.

When feedback were given, the teams were respectful and eager to learn, with many of them taking down notes on their own.

One of the highlights for our trip was of course the night market and street snacks (as with the other training and team building venues that we travel to).

2014-12-14 19.11.04-1
Deep fried cuttle fish from Taiwan that will make any other calamari feel inadequate
2014-12-14 19.11.09-1
Wild boar sausages that comes in 12 different types of flavours
2014-12-14 21.06.47-1
Creative Japanese style omelette with 12 different toppings
2014-12-13 20.50.40
Japanese pan cakes with different fillings at unbeatable prices (btw, this was not the cheapest one we found) and they tasted GREAT, with so much filling that it overflows


Do note that these are just a few of the tonnes of photos of street snacks that we have taken. We also had delicious BBQ whole cuttlefish, the most amazing deep fried boneless chicken drumsticks, great Japanese udon and Taiwanese beef noodles and many more.

On a side note, the night markets in Taiwan are an extremely good location to a team building food race for some clients. All we have to do is to give them some pocket money and a list of items to buy and consume, and of course station some of our staff near the food stalls and get them to complete team building tasks while/before/after consuming their food.

It will time-saving for companies with tight schedules – they do not have to set aside additional time for team building from their meeting schedules; It is great bonding – almost every culture in the world bonds over eating or drinking; they get to experience this great Taiwanese culture and they get to learn about working together!

Next on our “to-do list” will be a Taiwanese Night Market Team Building Race. If you are interesting in doing a “Taiwanese night market amazing race” type of team building programme for your staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Overall, our experience in Taiwan has been a fruitful one and we can’t wait to come back again for more training engagements.

P/S: The HR Manager has told us that she has received numerous positive feedback from the participants and the other managers in the company are already asking about similar training for their departments. So it looks like we will be coming back here soon, fingers crossed!


Novotel Bongol an ideal team building venue in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is our second trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. This time, our team of 6 flew up for an American Bank who wanted to bring home the importance of adapting to change and being a change agent within their organisation.

They initially asked us for recommendations, however, we have only been to Jakarta once before and that time, we did our training at Manulife’s training room in their office. So we had non to offer.

They eventually decided on Novotel Bongol Golf Resort as their teambuilding venue after some recommendations by locals. We were optimistic about the resort when we saw the map of the resort online, even though we did not know how open they were to having external trainers run programmes at their resort.

After some research, we learnt that Novotel Bongol Golf Resort is a popular destination for many Indonesians, especially during the weekend. It takes about 90 minutes to get from the Jakarta airport to the resort with clear traffic.

Teambuilding-Jakarta-Novotel2 Teambuilding-Jakarta-Novotel4

It took us about 2hours to get to the resort from the airport. The hotel staff are well trained, friendly and helpful. The hotel is tastefully decorated, with Chinese and Indonesian influence. The bedrooms are not large by Indonesian (or Malaysian) standards but they are adequately sized and comfortable with standing shower in our twin-sharing bedroom.

Interesting sculptures can be found around the hotel grounds. There are lots of greenery and open spaces around with adequately equipped seminar rooms and ballroom to support trainings and meetings.

Food an beverage in the hotel is reasonably priced by Singapore’s standard, a buffet dinner cost only Rp215,000++ per person. The quality of food was great and the selection was pretty wide, with a good mix of local and regional delicacies.

Teambuilding-Jakarta-Novetel5 Teambuilding-Jakarta-Novotel3

We also checked out the bar, which serves a good mix of mock-tails and cocktails. Food preparation time was a little tardy as we had to wait more than 30mins for an order of 3 mini tapas with a basket of truffet fries (as with many hotels in Indonesia and Malaysia) so we can’t really complain. Drinks are reasonably priced at about Rp45,000 for mock-tails and Rp90,000 for alcoholic cocktails the drinks were served in pretty big jugs too.

While planning for the training, we realised that the staff are professional and accommodating to our requests and despite the rain, there are sufficient pockets of spaces for us to carry out wet weather activities.

We will highly recommend this venue to our other clients who are considering Jakarta as their next meeting venue.

Teambuilding-Jakarta-Novotel1 Teambuilding-Jakarta-Novotel6

Xiamen – a tourist city in China

Popular for it’s attractive seascape, Xiamen China is an easily accessible destination via air, train coach or sea, depending on the source of your travels. Our team had the opportunity to travel up in January this year to Xiamen, and was put up at a beautiful hotel –  Hotel Nikko Xiamen, and we’d like to share our experience with you!

Touching down at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, we were greeted with a clean & efficient airport system. Our hotel guide stood ready to welcome us once we’re out of the arrival hall and ushered us, together with the massive amount of logistics, to our waiting van. As it’s near the coastal area, Xiamen is pleasantly sunny even during the tail-end of the winter season. . As our crew was travelling from wintery Hong Kong to Xiamen, we were expecting the weather to be in a cool 10-15 degrees, however we were warmly surprised when the weather was nice and warm at about 25 degrees! We discarded our thick jackets in no time.

We travelled from the airport to Hotel Nikko, and took in the sights of well developed streets & infrastructure. Hotel Nikko, a 5-star hotel in Xiamen has an inviting entrance with a water feature at it’s porch. Marble flooring & sculptural art are seen around the hotel, giving it a posh feeling. Built in 2011, the hotel and its amenities were fairly new when we visited. I personally like the layout of the room, esp the spaciousness of it. The bedroom and toilet area was comparable in size, and if we’re sharing a room with another person, that gives each person plenty of space.

The team building session was held for a group of 300+pax group, and the hotel had a large ballroom which fit everyone, and we could even segregate the room into 3 different parts for our program.

Though we were there for a project, we had time to go for a team lunch & a mini walkabout to a nearby shopping district. One thing to note when ordering food, that the portions are large, and if you’re not a big eater, sharing is recommended. Their staples were served in large plates and even the burly guys within our team couldn’t finish them. Once the project was over, we headed to the shopping centre in cabs, and their cab fares are relatively inexpensive, a 15min trip costs only about SGD2. Xiamen should be better known for GuLangYu, renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architecture, as the mall was relatively quiet, even on a weekend.

Though our time was short in Xiamen, we enjoyed her sights, hospitality and food! Till our next visit!

Pulai Desaru Beach Resort – a fuss-free retreat

Another place to consider for your team building retreat in Desaru, would be Pulai Desaru Beach Resort. Just a short drive of less than 2 hours from the Woodlands checkpoint in Singapore would bring you there. For those who are familiar with the roads, the newly constructed highway, the Senai-Desaru highway in Johor would make travelling an ease. It is one of our recommended places for companies to do their team building exercises, especially if the team doesn’t mind travelling out of Singapore but going on a flight is a concern.

the pulai desaru3

The resort boasts of a land area of 22km, including a beach right at it’s door. With so much space, there’s a lot of room, and conference halls to cater for your meeting and team building needs. We went there with our clients for their team building activities, and found it to be a quaint, resort with a very laid back atmoshphere, perfect for a getway with your colleagues, as you relax and have some down time together, away from work.

Nearby the resort, there are various farms to visit such as the Crocodile farm, the Fruit Farm and also the Firefly tour, and for the more adventurous cohort, they have activities such as ATV (all-terrain vehicles) riding and water sports to try out.

the pulai desaru2

A resort that aims to please everyone, this resort is an affordable overseas venue which offers plenty of choices for recreation. The rooms offers views of either the garden, pool or the sea, which you can take your pick from.

the pulai desaru1


Berjaya Times Square – in the heart of ‘Garden City of Lights’

Have had too many retreats at the beach? Looking for somewhere metropolitan? I have one place in mind and all it takes is a $20 one-way coach ticket! Oh, and the return ticket too.

Situated right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City, also known as the ‘Garden City of Lights’, Berjaya Times Square Hotel is your one-stop venue for comfortable lodging, wonderful dining and entertainment experience, endless shopping and fun team building! Equipped with Asia’s largest indoor theme park & one of the biggest bowling centres in Malaysia, the adjoining 10-storey shopping mall is overflowing with fun-filled activities throughout the day and night! The mall also offers the largest 3D digital hall in town. If you stay in the square, you can be sure to be kept entertained!

2011_8_8 Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang, Malaysia_6 20121221_145451-600x450

You would also be excited to know that Berjaya Times Square created and owns Malaysia’s first motion sensor Grand Musical Stairs, which was recently certified by the Malaysian Book of Records. Walking up the flight of stairs that resembles a classical piano keyboard truly sounds like an extraordinary experience, don’t you think? We’re sure it will bring you a whole new level of surprise and entertainment.

Berjaya Times Square is highly accessible, with monorails connecting all strategic locations right to its doorstep. It is located near the Golden Triangle – KL’s main shopping and nightlife district. If you’re looking for more adventure (and you’re not afraid of the sweltering weather), you can take a three-minute walk to Bukit Bintang, an area well-known for its ever bustling day life and ever busy night life. The area contains many of KL’s popular malls, tantalizing eateries and cafes, and live street concerts. A couple of minutes via the monorail would take you to Petronas Twin Tower (the tallest twin towers in the world) and KL Tower (world’s fifth tallest telecommunications tower).

350px-Twin_Tower_night_scene KL-tower-night

Being the 8th largest building in the world, this 48-storey hotel has facilities and venues that can accomodate both indoor and outdoor activities. It offers 10 function rooms and a pillar-less ballroom with capacity to accommodate 2000 persons! One year, we did our own version of amazing race within the shopping mall and it was great fun! From the smallest events to the largest of conventions, Berjaya Times Square Hotel is the perfect location for business and leisure!

BerjayaTime berjaya

Lotus Desaru – a retreat close by.

Ever heard of the saying “home away from home”? There are moments that, while you’re on a holiday or a  retreat, you’d get a little homesick and wishing for some semblance of home. There’s a resort not too far away which we think might fit the bill if you’re looking for a retreat, that’s home away from home!

Lotus Desaru (3) Lotus Desaru (7)

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is a mere 1.5 hours drive from Johor Bahru which is very near Singapore. Guests can take the option of taking a leisurely drive along the scenic coastal road, or take a cab from within Johor Bahru, or a ferry service that departs from Changi Ferry Terminal in Singapore.

Lotus Desaru (6) Lotus Desaru (4)

Boasting a total of 700 one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, Lotus Desaru provides plenty of choices for rooming opportunities, and two bedroom apartments onward have a separate living & dining area, which can be useful for informal meetings & brainstorming sessions if that’s your preferred way for discussions. For a more formal set-up, the resort can host up to 500 delegates with their 11 meeting rooms available for your team building session, workshop needs or conferences.

Lotus Desaru (8) Lotus Desaru (5)

To unwind, the Lotus Desaru offers plenty of recreational activities and even their very own water theme park! Take your time to stroll along the beach, or have a go at the slide at the Water Park or paddle a kayak out along the shore for some sea action. A short distance away from the resort is a must-go for every tripper to Desaru, the Ostrich farm. Take the ostrich egg challange – stand with your full body weight on 2 eggs, and not break them.

Lotus Desaru (2)

Lotus Desaru, one of the choices you can consider for your team building retreat.

Intercontinental Bali – an Indonesian escape!

Bali, denotes a sense of tranquility, relaxation and fun! That sounds like the perfect ingredients for a holiday… or the perfect team building! Combined with the exquisite touch of the Intercontinental branding, Intercontinental Bali is one resort which promises the above mentioned and more, as we have experienced pampering service officers and not to mention, the sound of the crashing waves on the beautiful beach along Jimbaran Bay as it greets you when you enter.

Intercontinental Bali (5)

Our team had the privilege of hosting our client’s team building event at this beautiful resort, and we can’t help but share with you our wonderful experience. Heavily but tastefully accented with Indonesian elements line the resort, and you are treated to a little “sightseeing” tour as you pass through the lobby and into your rooms with fanciful Indonesian ornaments.

Intercontinental Bali (4)

With more than 400 rooms, each catered to provide maximum comfort and privacy, it is a considerable resort if you’re planning a company retreat, whether it’s for a small department or the entire company. With meeting spaces large enough to host 600 delegates at a time, there is surely something for every corporate group at this place. While we were there, we had the Puri Kencana function room, and it was ornately done up, and service attendants were on hand to assist in every way.

Intercontinental Bali (1) Intercontinental Bali (2)

It was so much fun conducting our programs within the resort. We did an indoor Builder activity, in the cool of the Puri Kencana function room, and then our Synergy Race program around the entire resort. The sweeping landscape and sights overlooking the endless horizon on the sea was a real treat to not only the participants but to our team as well.

Intercontinental Bali (3)

Intercontinental Bali, a 5-star resort for your team building needs with everything contained within the resort. Their very own spa hides away at a far end of the resort, for your private indulgence after a day of meetings or pottering around the resort after a fulfilling day of team building.


Bintan Lagoon Resort – an ideal getaway

Travelling is a personal favourite, and having been with Anergy Fun Engineers for almost 6 years has seen me travelling to all sorts of places both near and far. One of the popular destinations would be to neighbouring islands, as Singapore is connected very easily to countries such as Indonesia and their outlying islands such as Bintan by just a 75 mins direct ferry ride. And that is about the time we take to travel from one end of the island to another.

Bintan Lagoon Resort (4)

Bintan Lagoon Resorts is one of the most popular resorts to go to. As their website mentions, it is “a tropical paradise, home to sun, sea, and two spectacular golf courses. This Indonesian-style 473-room resort is sprawled over 310 hectares of manicured gardens, with a private, golden sand beach that stretches nearly 1.5km.” But what is unique about this resort, is its own private ferry, sending you direct to the doorstep of the resort! No need for an additional transfer between the ferry terminal and resort.

If you’re planning an overseas team building activities retreat, whether for outdoor or indoor activities for your  company team ,Bintan Lagoon Resort would be an ideal location, as it’s not just a tranquil location, but coupled with a range of venues that caters to 10 to 1000 delegates, this a venue that is out to meet your utmost meeting needs.

Bintan Lagoon Resort (2) Bintan Lagoon Resort (3)

As a team building activities provider, we like this place due to it’s vastness and it’s own private beach. Perfect for indoor teambuilding programs within their function rooms, and outdoor teambuilding programs within the resort or on the beach, Bintan Lagoon Resort gives us a lot of reign on how we can design our teambuilding programs around the resort. We have done beach games, Synergy Races, indoor activities and even a video production activity at this Resort.

Bintan Lagoon Resort (1)

this picture above, shows our team chilling out at the nearby Pasar Oleh Oleh, a night market where you can find local foodstuffs, handicrafts and good seafood!

Turi Beach Resort, Batam – a minute-away retreat

In less than an hour away from Singapore, Batam island has many resorts and serene locations ideal for a n offsite meeting or retreat. One of the more popular destinations for Singaporeans to have a quick getaway, Batam is also a choice destination for companies wanting a retreat that is overseas yet not too far away from home, and with a budget that won’t burst the pocket.

Turi Beach Batam, a boutique resort near Nongsapura ferry terminal, is made accessible when the resort’s shuttle service greets and picks you from the terminal into the beautiful lush reception of Turi Beach Resort. One of the few resorts in Batam to have unhindered views of the horizon in all of their hotel rooms, Turi Beach Resort boast of tranquil surroundings, chic wooden furniture against minimalist white walls. At your own free time, you can venture out into the city, just 20 minutes away where good bargains on merchandise and local food can be found.

Turi Beach Batam (1) Turi Beach Batam (2)

Team building activities blend in easily at this resort, as there are various locations within meeting rooms for indoor programs, or green fields or the soft sandy beach for outdoor programs. When we went there with our client for their team building retreat, the event served as a retreat not just for our clients, but i would say for our team as well! This would be an ideal place for your team building retreat if you’re looking at a place that’s not too far away and a modern and chic resort as a treat for the company.

Turi Beach Batam (3) Turi Beach Batam (4)